The Miraculous Medal - The Story of Our Lady's Appearances to St. Catherine Laboure

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  • The Miraculous Medal: The Story of Our Lady's Appearances to St. Catherine Laboure
  • The beautiful and amazing story of the Miraculous Medal
  • Let young people discover a wonderful saint
  • Perfect for ages 10 and up

"Sister, it couldn't have happened!" declared the priest. "It was all a dream, like the other time."

But Sister Catherine shook her head with childlike confidence. "Oh no, Father! I see the Blessed Virgin as plainly as I see you. And she wants the medal made right away, so people can wear it and start receiving graces."

Father Aladel just could not believe that Our Lady was appearing to Sister Catherine Laboure - and asking for a medal to be made too! Why, Sister Catherine was only a novice!

"Forget the whole thing," he told her. "Just say your prayers and try to be like the other Sisters."

Catherine obediently tried to forget - but then the Blessed Mother came again! And again she asked for the Medal to be made.

Would Our Lady's request ever be granted? Would Fr. Aladel ever believe she had really come? And what were the "great graces" she had promised to those who wore the Medal with confidence?

This book shows what happened, also telling about Catherine's second mother, about obstinate old John-who refused to have anything to do with the Medal-and about how Sister Catherine kept her big secret.

In short, here is the wonderful story of what happened when the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to young St. Catherine Laboure. 

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  • Author: Mary Fabyan Windeatt
  • Format: Softcover
  • Pages: 107
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