Mother Angelica's Guide to the Spiritual Life

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  • Q&A with the dynamic and remarkable Mother Angelica
  • Spiritual counsel on a variety of issues affecting many Catholics
  • Sensible yet spiritual advice
  • Truth and wisdom that makes for fun and enjoyable reading

Mother Angelica, the celebrated founder of EWTN Global Catholic Network, dedicated her life to directing the gaze of her audience to Heaven. This volume assembles her most profound and timeless advice on how you can grow in holiness and achieve your ultimate purpose — to spend eternity in Heaven with Jesus.

In her typical entertaining but uncompromising style, Mother Angelica reminds you that salvation is won at a great price. You’ll learn why following Christ is often so difficult, and you’ll discover the simple ways you can begin even now to make progress in the most vexing areas of your life.

Mother Angelica will inspire you to enter willingly and confidently into the battle for virtue while she offers time-tested methods for overcoming your fears and anxieties. She’ll identify the many common flaws and obstacles to spiritual growth and share with you the strategies the saints employed to conquer their temptations. You’ll also learn:

  • How to conquer nervousness, self-doubt, and timidity

  • How to deal with tension involving a loved one

  • Why not all anger is intrinsically wrong

  • Ways you can avoid dwelling on past missteps

  • Why we all have genuine identifiable weaknesses 

  • Techniques for profiting from criticism — and for avoiding situations that bring it about

  • How to know if someone is bringing out your best or least favorable qualities

  • Why uncertainty is different from doubt

  • How hang-ups over past mistakes can thwart future growth

  • The four essential duties of all parents 

  • How to evaluate your spiritual growth with humility and objectivity

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  • Author: Mother Angelica
  • Softcover
  • 160 pgs.
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Sophia Institute Press

Mother Angelica's Guide to the Spiritual Life