My Daily Catholic Bible - 20-Minute Daily Readings

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  • My Daily Catholic Bible: 20-Minute Daily Readings
  • Helps anyone to read the entire bible in a year
  • Practical and simple
  • Perfect gift idea for friends or family

Have you ever read the entire Bible? You can now. Here's the Bible that shows you how.

My Daily Catholic Bible, Revised NAB Edition offers a reading plan that divides all of Sacred Scripture into 365 segments, one for each day of the year; features two small, manageable readings for each day, one from the Old Testament and one from the New Testament; offers an insightful quote from a saint for every day.

There's never been an easier way to read the Bible. You don't have to start on January 1. Begin reading on any calendar date and twelve months later you'll have made your way through all seventy-three books of the biblical canon. And a place for a check mark next to each entry makes it simple to keep track of your progress. Plus, you'll know exactly where to start in again if you miss a day or two!


Note:  The Bible readings used in the current missals & lectionaries & LOTH use an older version of the NAB translation that has now been updated in all the new NAB Catholic Bibles currently being printed.  For this reason, this NAB Bible will be close (but not exactly word-for-word) to the readings you will hear at Mass.  It is not possible to purchase an older NAB translation to exactly match the Mass readings, because they are no longer in print.

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  • 5 May 10th 2019
    My Daily Catholic Bible

    Love it, a lot easier to read.

    James Johnson

  • 5 Sep 24th 2016
    My Daily Catholic Bible

    Enjoy this for daily readings. Well organized, good construction for a paperback. Easy to use. brings you through a year, starting on any date with old and new testament readings in easy to understand language. recommend for readings ( even if you skip some, for whatever reason, haha). Gets you back on track, easily.


  • 5 Mar 17th 2015
    Excellent Bible!

    I am so happy I ordered this study bible. I read it everyday because it is made simple to read with dates, so you can start any day you want and continue on until you have completed the entire bible. I am enjoying the stories much more because it is translated to easier reading and understanding. The readings are not to long. This is perfect to read before you retire for the evening.

    Anne Marie Diadema

  • 4 Mar 23rd 2014
    My Daily Catholic Bible

    A must for anyone who wants to read the entire bible. Most readings took more than 20 minutes,though. It took me on average 25-35 minutes per day, but an excellent way to spend that time. I am on my second time reading it, only this time I am focusing on the new testament. It's a wonderful way to start my day.


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