My Imitation of Christ

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  • My Imitation of Christ
  • A renowned classic
  • Beautifully illustrated
  • Written for the busy person in today's modern world 
  • Hundreds of topics and answers to almost every spiritual issue

The book that has made more saints than any other after the Bible. Countless saints, from Therese of Liseux to Ignatius of Loyola, have kept this book on their nightstands, used it to direct their minds during adoration, and carried it in their pockets as a soldier carries his weapon into battle. 

This classic and treasured edition, aptly entitled My Imitation of Christ, is crafted specifically for the busy person in the modern world. Here’s why it is “My” Imitation of Christ: 

  • Pocket size: Perfect for purse and pants-or-jacket pocket. Having this book on your person reminds you to imitate Christ always – without exception.
  • 117 Illustrations: With seemingly miraculous power, Ariel Agemian draws timeless depictions of modern man (in suit and tie) carrying his cross and being tempted by Satan to vain pursuits though he is called by Christ to eternal life. Your soul will be forever imprinted by these images of man’s attempt to be in the world, but not of it. 
  • Durable Flex Cover: far more resilient than your average book. If you use this book properly, it can take a beating.
  • Reading Guide: In the back, 42 practical topics with references to guide you through your spiritual reading. Ex.: “Are you discouraged? Read Book III, Chap. 56” “Are you vain? Read Book I, Chap. 2, 7.” With over 40 of these, you’re bound to find yourself somewhere. 
  • Index: Not your everyday index. Hundreds of topics with every reference in the book cited. Here are your answers to nearly every spiritual issue – if you use it.

If you wish to be in the world, but not of the world, there is no better edition of this timeless classic than My Imitation of Christ.

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  • 3½ x 5 inches

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  • 5 Jun 8th 2020
    My Imitation of Christ

    I had this when I was younger but it got tattered and I replaced it with a leather bound version by the Sisters of St. Paul. It is a beautiful book but I always missed the artwork by Ariel Agemian. Glad to see I could get another copy. Just looking at the pictures is a meditation in itself!

    Linda Swanger

  • 3 Mar 25th 2016
    Daily Meditations

    Pocket size book containing numerous scripture meditations. The meditations are scriptural prose, and a bit difficult to immediately comprehend the message being conveyed.

    Skip Schweizer

  • 5 Nov 19th 2015
    Daily Meditations

    Have used this pocket size book and others from the Confraternity of the Precious Blood for over 50 years. Provides short daily prayers and thoughts for meditation to help you make it thru the thick and thin of each day with Jesus Christ by your side.

    Skip Schweizer

  • 5 Mar 26th 2015
    Time-honored Classic

    I remember reading this book when I was growing up. Now that I am older & infirm, I find a provocative must for anyone who enjoys reading up on their faith.

    David J. Walach

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