New American Bible - Revised Edition

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Announcing the first major update to the New American Bible (NAB) text in 20 years! Finally approved for publication, this new edition reflects the work of nearly 100 scholars and has been extensively reviewed and approved by the US Bishops. The New American Bible - Revised Edition (NABRE) takes into account the best current scholarship as well as the new discovery of ancient manuscripts that improve our knowledge and understanding of the Biblical text.

With its extensive notes, commentary, and cross-references, the NABRE will promote a deeper love and understanding of Scripture in the home, parish and school. In addition to its wealth of study material, this edition of the NABRE features the following valuable resources:

  • 3 year liturgical cycle of Sunday readings
  • 2 year liturgical cycle of daily Mass readings
  • Extensive notes, commentary, and cross references
  • Listing of Popes
  • Manual of favorite Catholic prayers
  • Attractive full color cover featuring Old Master art
  • Quality paper
  • Easy-to-read- typesetting (10 point font size)
  • Measures 5" x 8"
  • Soft cover

The New American Bible Revised Edition (NABRE) accomplishes three major goals in Biblical scholarship: First, a more accurate translation aided by modern archeological and historical discoveries; second, a more consistent rendering of the Greek and Hebrew to more closely express the meaning of the original text; and third, revisions in the NABRE reflect changes in modern English usage of particular words (ex. "burnt offering" substituted for "holocaust").


Note:  The Catholic Bible readings used in the current missals & lectionaries & LOTH use an older version of the NAB translation that has now been updated in all the new NAB Bibles currently being printed.  For this reason, this NAB Bible will be close (but not exactly word-for-word) to the readings you will hear at Mass.  It is not possible to purchase an older NAB translation to exactly match the Mass readings, because they are no longer in print.

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  • 5 Oct 8th 2015
    very pleased

    I want to thank you. very happy with the bible.

    donald johnson

  • 4 Apr 28th 2015
    Very good

    I bought this Bible for my daughter's birthday. She said she especially liked the "red" print. In the Bible where "Jesus" was speaking, that was the "red" print. She did think the type was smaller than was she expected, but all in all she was very pleased that she received. I also was very happy with the purchase.

    Catherine Sorrells

  • 4 Apr 2nd 2015
    Great Translation

    I really enjoy this translation of the Bible as well as the footnotes. It is very easy to understand. I was concerned with the size of the font, but have not had any trouble. The only thing that I have not liked is the thin pages. After reading for extended periods of time, it can be difficult to read because you can see the text of the next page through the page you are reading. This is not noticeable if you are just reading a chapter or two at one time. Overall I would recommend it.


  • 1 Apr 24th 2012
    Difficult to read

    The type is small and very difficult to read. I purchased this Bible for my Bible Study session. But I find the verse numbers are difficult to see. The footnotes I need a magnifying glass to read them. I wanted a revised version of the Bible as mine was over 30 years old, but this one is not working out for me.


  • 4 Mar 21st 2012
    more than expected

    the text and feel of the pages are pleasant


  • 5 Mar 18th 2012
    It's a Lovely Bible!

    I love reading the Psalms and the Proverbs. I had lost my Good News Bible so needed a replacement. This one is much nicer. Best Uses: Read for inspiration, Taking Bible Study Class; Cons: Learning my way around it; Pros: Beautifully written, Love the red highlights


  • 4 Jan 29th 2012

    This is my first Bible so I'm kind of new to this. So far I am pleased. When I found this on-line the description said 10 point font. The part they left out was that the footnotes in it are 5 point. I'm guessing at the 5 point, but the notes are very very small. Overall I am very pleased!


  • 5 Jan 11th 2012
    the BEST book

    It's a great Bible. Very understandable. the cover is kind of weak so you probably will need to buy something to protect it. Overall EXCELLENT


  • 5 Jul 22nd 2011
    Great Bible

    Bought this bible because it was the new revised version and my current bible is 25 years old. My bible had yellowed pages so when I received the new one and the pages are white with an easy to read font, I was happy. It is also a good price.

    Golf Bug

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