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Olive Wood Corded Miraculous Medal Rosary

Olive Wood Corded Miraculous Medal Rosary

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4.551724 / 5 stars
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Product Description

  • Olive wood corded rosary
  • Stunning design
  • Perfect combination of durability and beauty
  • Smooth olive wood beads
  • Striking Miraculous Medal centerpiece


This rosary might be one of the most beautiful wood rosaries we have ever seen.

Crafted from genuine olive wood, it is constructed with durable cording in place of metal links. The smooth, lightweight beads are complemented by a center design which features an Ave Maria emblem and beautiful cobalt and silver-tone Miraculous Medal. The cross is adorned with a small corpus and resembles a budded cross with intricate carvings. 

If you purchase one as a gift, you just might be so charmed by its beauty that you decide to get one for yourself!

Dimensions & Specifications

  • Approx. 15 ½” long
  • 6mm diameter beads
  • Crucifix approx. 2” (H) x 1.25” (W)
  • Miraculous medal insert is approx. 3/8” (H) x ½” (W)
  • Country of Origin: Italy
  • Material: Olive wood

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Reviews - Olive Wood Corded Miraculous Medal Rosary

Average Customer Rating
(4.55/5 Stars, 29 Ratings) Based on 29 Reviews


Review: I finding it comforting to take a rosary to bed but have scratched myself with metal rosaries and/or broken them. I thought this would be perfect and it is! No scratches or breaks and I've had it for close to a year! It is lovely though for regular use, I love crystal and/or stone rosaries; I have a small collection of them. This is a beautiful rosary as well.

Beautiful Rosary

Review: Such a magnificent rosary my first and hopefully my last

Very Pleased With Purchase

Review: I am very pleased with the Olive Wood Rosary. It is very unique. Also extremely pleased with The Catholic Company and love their Daily Offering. Look forward to it on a daily basis.


Review: I was excited to get my package and when I saw my rosary, I was not disappointed. The rosary is beautiful. I use it every day to pray my rosary. The only thing is that I can't wear it, because I can't get it past my head. I really love it!


Review: I just received my olive wood corded Miraculous Medal Rosary and it is absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to pray my rosary with my new rosary. I am so glad that I found your store! God bless

Great and Comfortable

Review: It's beautiful, I really enjoy saying the Rosary with the Rosewood Rosary Beads.


Review: I really like my new rosary, not only because it is made of olive wood, which I find particularly handsome for a man, but also because of the Miraculous Medal it contains. Very nice.

nice olive wood

Review: Very comfortable rosary, olive wood polished and smooth. Happy with Miraculous medal always.

Great Rosary

Review: I love this rosary! The size of the prayer beads are perfect. I use it almost daily and it is with me every week at adoration. Well made and high quality. I have several rosaries but this is my favorite.

Olive Wood Corded Miraculous Metal Rosary

Review: This was the 2nd of the 3 gifts I purchased for my friend's 90th Birthday. He just really loves this Rosary and has used it daily.

Lovely Rosary

Review: I purchased this rosary for myself and I am really enjoying using it. It is well-made and lightweight. It is simple, functional, and beautiful. I love the carvings on the Our Father beads. The miraculous medal and crucifix are also very nice. I recommend this rosary.

Cord Rosary

Review: I am very pleased with this rosary.

Poor quality

Review: After a few uses, it stretches. Where the beads were tightly grouped together, it now stretches with large spaces between beads. Difficult to feel the end of decades.


Review: I received the rosary and was very happy with the look. Unfortunately after having it for a couple weeks I took it to church for the rosary before mass and noticed that there was a bead missing on one of the decades. If you order a rosary verify that it has all the appropriate beads before using.

One of my absolute favorite rosaries

Review: This is one of the most beautiful rosaries you can get. The olive wood is lovely; the centerpiece is so unique; the cording makes it very durable. No need to worry about broken links. I love this rosary so much that I have given it as a gift twice, and intend to keep doing so! You will be delighted with it.


Review: I bought this as a gift my husband... very beautiful and has a masculine look The cross and the metal are beautifully done. Is very well made and I know he's going to love it

Now My Favorite Rosary

Review: I had another rosary but lacked the knowledge of how to use it. After someone from the church showed me how, when I returned home, this one I had ordered previously was waiting for me. I love the fact that it is a bit larger, easier to use for those of us who are not so nimble. I also like the wood more than the metal or stone style. Everyone has their own style, but I have madly fallen in love with this one, and use it daily now!


Review: Beautiful!


Review: I like it a lot I will be using it to do the rosary before Mass on Sundays.

A very powerful prayer

Review: Olive wood has many references throughout scripture inclusive of a tree that Jesus prayed under as well as known as growing in Nazareth. The Miraculous Medal comes to us from our spiritual mother, Mary in which she gives us a simple prayer that would mean so much and enhance our theological understanding. The rosary as a whole is a meditation on our salvation history. This designed rosary is an awesome aid to one's prayer. It is wonderfully designed and crafted. I love using mine.

Olive Wood CordedMiraculous Rosary

Review: Bought this rosary for myself. I enjoy it very much. It is handsome, well constructed and compact. Easy to carry for use on the go if needed.

Beautiful and Well Made.

Review: I love my olive wood Rosary. The intricate work on the wood is beautiful and the corded construction makes it very durable. This is my Rosary that I carry to church or out of the house. I think it is a fine purchase, thank you.

Olive wood corded rosary

Review: Great item, highly recommend.

Olive Wood Corded Miraculous Rosary

Review: I love the smaller size. It is perfect for me to carry on the road and the olive wood has become a favorite of mine. This is the 3rd rosary of mine and is the one I'm most comfortable with.

Beautiful Miraculous Medal Rosary

Review: Well made. Carved wood Our Father beads. Love it.

miraculous medal rosary

Review: Olive wood is very nice. Love the rosary. Love the medal to.

Too many

Review: The set had eleven beads in the first decade. The Catholic Company did a fantastic job of replacing it in a very short period of time without any hassle with a set that had the correct number of beads in each decade. But the fact that the first set was a gift that had to be replaced was concern for future purchases given the poor quality controls exercised / or lack there of with the first shipment.

Olive Wood Rosary

Review: I love this Rosary! It's very durable, so the cords won't come undone. It has a very nice crucifix, and the fact that it has the Miraculous Medal makes it even more special! However, it is a little stiff and could use a little breaking into. Best Uses: Prayer; Cons: Stiff; Pros: BEAUTIFUL, Durable


Review: My wife was very pleased with the rosary.
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