100 Holy Hours for Women

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  • 100 Holy Hours for Women

“Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you” (James 4:8). Christ waits for us, every day, in the Eucharist. But, in the chaos of our lives, we often find it difficult to draw near to him. Even when we make the time to be in his presence, we lose focus, become distracted, or grow impatient with ourselves. 100 Holy Hours for Women provides a solution with its collection of one hundred Eucharistic meditations, giving inspiration for directed, efficacious prayer before Our Lord in the Eucharist. Whether you are a mother, a single woman, or a consecrated religious, this spiritually uplifting work is a valuable resource for cultivating an intimate relationship with our Eucharistic Lord.

Originally written as a religious sister’s guide for daily adoration, 100 Holy Hours for Women contains a plethora of profound spiritual insight into the mystery of the Eucharist. Each of the meditations focuses on a single verse from Scripture. The first part of the meditation explores the deeper implications of the verse, especially in light of the Eucharist. Then, the second half of the meditation takes the form of a personal examination and a prayer, with questions and exhortations to encourage the adorer to look at and cultivate her own spiritual life. 

These meditations draw from the entirety of Sacred Scripture, particularly following Christ’s life, death, and resurrection. Through them, learn to look to the Virgin Mary and the angels as models of perfect adoration. Be inspired to comfort Our Lord in his agony, as he suffered it in his passion and as he suffers it today through people’s abuse and neglect of the Eucharist, his great gift to the Church. By fruitful meditation and grace, develop virtues such as gratitude, faith, love, trust, and humility, all of which are absolutely essential for living in union with Christ. 

100 Holy Hours encourages Christian women, of every calling and stage of life, to enter into quiet, loving conversation with Jesus. This book enables all to comprehend the love of Christ, who gave us his Body and Blood that we might come closer to him. Only in the Eucharist can we find the perfect example of total humility, self-sacrificial love, and holy submission. Only through the Eucharist can we hope to attain happiness in this world and the next.

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  • 5 Apr 30th 2019
    100 holy hours for women

    I bought this book to surprise my wife for mother's day. This will be a great gift for her.

    raymond arias

  • 5 Apr 20th 2019
    100 Holy Hours for Women

    This book reveals much about the Saints lives and especially their devotion to our Lord Jesus Christ. I urge all women to read this book and reflect upon it

    Agnes Rodman

  • 5 Mar 31st 2019
    Invitation to Meditation

    The soft tooled leather cover and gilded pages with ribbon marker take me back to the missals of my youth - an invitation to go back to a place of less distractions to focus on what is really important at this moment. Each adoration meditation is short, concise and meaningful - perfect way to share your heart for a few or many minutes in contemplation. Small enough to tuck into a purse with print large enough for me to see.

    Judy Groboske

  • 5 May 8th 2018
    100 Holy Hours for Women

    LOVE IT!!!!

    Juanita Escobedo

  • 5 Mar 21st 2018
    100 Holy Hours for Women

    Love this little book. So thought provoking & very easy to read. I keep it my car so that whenever I have a chance to stop in our Church's Adoration Chapel, it is right there with me.

    Kathleen Parren

  • 5 Mar 19th 2018
    Great Little Book for my Holy Hour

    I just bought this and have used it for two weeks. I love the biblical quotes and the reflections on the angels (so far). I had many more Holy Hours to make and look forward to having this book with me.

    Mary Claire

  • 5 Mar 13th 2018
    100 Holy Hours for Women

    Beautifully written and inspirational.

    Paula J. Bush Adam

  • 5 Mar 13th 2018
    an accurate description of the contents

    a quiet, thoughtful source of wisdom that offers a more worthy path for women than contemporary feminism.

    Gretchen Trupiano

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