Our Lady of the Atonement

At the turn of the 20th century, Fr. Paul of Graymoor initiated a new Marian devotion for his order, the Friars of the Atonement. He invoked Mary under the title "Our Lady of the Atonement." His focus: Mary at the foot of the cross, where Christ made her the mother of all humanity, emphasizing her work for unity and her intercession on behalf of all people with God, in Christ. 

In this depiction of Mary, we see her clothed with a brilliant red mantle to signify the Precious Blood of Jesus, which brought about the atonement for sins and enabled humanity to be at one with God. She presents to us the Christ Child, who holds a cross in His hand, having been born to redeem us through His crucifixion and death. 

We, too, can live out this relection on the Paschal Mystery. If you break down the word "atonement," you will see "at-one-ment"—being one with Christ. We are one with Him especially when we unite ourselves with His Passion, and offer ourselves to Him as He offered Himself to us. 

In this beautiful image and deovtion, we see Christ's small arms open wide, inviting us to draw near. He tells us not to fear the daily crosses we encounter, for they lead to our redemption.

Our Lady of the Atonement, pray for us!