Peace Be With You & Essential Healing Prayers For Peace And Strength (2 Gift Set)

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  • Practical guide for healing
  • Specific strategies for coping
  • Faithful gift for anyone suffering anxiety, depression, stress, anger or doubts
  • Contains prayers, Psalms and Scripture for those who are suffering
  • Consoling meditations for healing and hope

Peace Be with You: Keys for Coping with Anxiety, Sadness, Anger, and Doubt

At a time in which stress, depression, anxiety, and suicide are all on the rise, Peace Be with You will guide you and your loved ones on how to overcome negative thoughts, be freed — externally and internally — from sinful habits, access supernatural grace, and grow in happiness and holiness. You will learn concrete strategies for coping with emotions such as anger, sadness, doubt, worry, inferiority, and fear. 

The renowned missionary and psychologist Fr. Narciso Irala explains the secret to finding the “emotional fullness to immunize us against many psychosomatic illnesses” and, significantly, emphasizes the critical role of faith in psychology. A rich tool for counselors, teachers, and directors, this treasure of a book is ideal for anyone seeking the path to true happiness, tools to living a virtuous life, and ways to achieve better health.

Reprinted over 65 times, Peace Be with You is replete with practical tips, inspirational reflections, case studies, real-life anecdotes, useful diagrams, examples from the lives of the saints, and encouraging maxims to live by.

Best of all, it opens the door to God’s healing by helping you appreciate beauty and grow in receptivity to God’s will, even amid suffering. 

Essential Healing Prayers For Peace And Strength

When Jesus traveled from town to town, people followed and crowded around him for healing. And the Gospels tell us that he healed everyone who had faith. It’s easy to think of these healing accounts in Scripture as something long ago and far away. But Jesus wants to bring healing to all those who approach him in prayer, including you and your loved ones!

Written in a spirit of deep faith, this inspiring collection of prayers will help you ask for Jesus’ healing graces and experience his saving power.

Dimensions & Specifications

Peace Be with You: Keys for Coping with Anxiety, Sadness, Anger, and Doubt

  • Author: Fr. Narcisco Irala SJ 
  • 230 Pages
  • Softcover

Essential Healing Prayers For Peace And Strength

  • Author: Sr. Mary Leonora Wilson, FSP
  • 128 pgs.
  • Softcover


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