The Prayer of the Presence of God

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  • The Prayer of the Presence of God
  • Written by a Carthusian monk 
  • Learn prayer through listening
  • A spiritual classic

For nearly a thousand years, monks of the Carthusian Order have withdrawn from the world so they can place themselves in the presence of God.

In these pages, the monk Augustin Guillerand reveals the secret of the Carthusian’s remarkable prayer. Obviously, this way of praying excludes quick Our Father’s and hasty Hail Mary’s, but it also requires that we do more than pause and say our prayers slowly. In fact, the Carthusians know that the prayer of the presence of God isn’t primarily a question of speed or even of speech. Like love, it’s not so much a deed as an attitude; a habit of tranquil listening that allows God to enter our souls by all paths and to establish His presence there.

Though this is no step-by-step manual (listening can’t be reduced to steps), you’ll learn where you must begin and how to proceed if you’re finally to bring to maturity in your own soul the habit of tranquil listening that’s essential for all those who would know God and love Him as they ought. 

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  • 5 Feb 13th 2019
    The Payer of the Presence of God

    It deepened the meaning of my prayers, and is certainly worth reading!

    Frank Denke

  • 2 Feb 2nd 2018
    The prayer of the presence of God

    Not really what I thought it was going to be.

    Jacqueline Lucke

  • 5 Apr 14th 2016
    The Prayer of the presence of God

    Very powerful book....gave a lot to ponder and pray about....things to change in my life. Highly recommend it.


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