Praying with Saint Augustine

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  • Powerful prayers of St. Augustine
  • One of the first collections of his prayers
  • Eloquent, profound and beautiful
  • Know St. Augustine and Christ better through these prayers
  • Wonderful gift of faith and devotion

No Christian writer, perhaps no writer at all, has ever been as eloquent as Saint Augustine. Few have been as philosophically and theologically profound, or as passionately in love with God. No passages in Augustine's writings are more eloquent than his prayers, or more profound than his prayers, or more saintly, than his prayers for prayer is the very life blood of sanctity.

What better way could we have to know the heart of a man like St. Augustine than to listen to him pray? By reading his vast writings, we discover something of the saint's enormous genius and theological insight. However, through his prayers we experience his relationship to God.

And yet, few collections of his prayers have ever existed – a problem solved in these pages by Sara McLaughlin, who carefully culled through his writings to find some of the most potent prayers ever composed.

This book is powerful. Anyone who prays these prayers from the heart will be changed from the heart.

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  • Author: Sara McLaughlin
  • Pages: 144
  • Format: Paperback
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Saints & Blesseds
Sophia Institute Press

Praying with Saint Augustine