The Priests We Need To Save The Church

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  • The Priests We Need To Save The Church
  • Only the sacrificial witness of the parish priest can begin to lead the Church back onto the path of Christ

In The Priests We Need To Save the Church, author Kevin Wells offers incontrovertible evidence that outside the finger of God, only the day-to-day witness of the faithful parish priest will rescue a Catholic Church in seeming terminal disarray. Through memorable storytelling, Wells proposes a blueprint of holiness for priests as he showcases heroic priest-saints who took the narrow path of self-denial once strolled by St. John Vianney and other great shepherds of the past, including Wells own legendary uncle, Monsignor Thomas Wells Tommy."

Tommy was a widely beloved parish priest who merrily hopscotched from parish-to-parish, leading innumerable souls to God, leading men to the priesthood, and providing an inspiring example of mystic love of Christ s Body and Blood. When he was gruesomely murdered in his Maryland rectory in the year 2000, Tommy left many thousands of his friends and former parishioners orphaned from the only shepherd they had known.

Based on his own interviews with dozens of priests, exorcists, seminary formators, and disillusioned laity throughout scandal-plagued 2018, Wells here identifies a type of anti-fatherhood that has permeated parishes and rectories throughout the land, as too many priests seem reluctant to embrace their identity as indefatigable shepherds of souls and have settled, instead, for a type of bachelorhood.

The gaps in the line of battle in today s post-Christian world must be filled by war heroes, those men who live out priesthoods brimmed with bravery, self-denial, and a chivalric impulse to save souls. Only the sacrificial and joy-filled witness of the parish priest can begin to lead the travailed Church back onto the path Christ intended two thousand years ago.

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  • Author: Kevin Wells
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  • Pages: 184
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The Priests We Need To Save The Church