Purgatory: Cleansing Fire - Good Catholic Digital Content Series

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CC Exclusive:
  • All your questions about Purgatory answered
  • An online educational series
  • Learn the theology and history of our belief in Purgatory
  • Instructional for Catholics and Christians alike
  • Exclusive to Good Catholic, presented by The Catholic Company

In response to popular demand, we’ve created a series that answers your most common questions and confusions about purgatory.

No more myths. No more misconceptions. 

In this series, you will learn:

  • Where you can find purgatory in Sacred Scripture (Session 12)

  • What “visitors” from purgatory have revealed to visionaries about their experience there (Sessions 20-23)

  • Why purgatory is an incredible mercy (Session 6)

  • What causes suffering to the Holy Souls there (Session 2)

  • What the saints tell us about purgatory (Sessions 17, 22, 23)

  • How to avoid purgatory, with God’s grace (Session 7)

  • Why purgatory is necessary even though Jesus’ sacrifice was perfect and complete (Session 9)

  • ...and much more!


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Purgatory: Cleansing Fire - Good Catholic Digital Content Series