Queen of Heaven (Regina Caeli)

Mary is often called the "Queen of Heaven," "Queen of Angels," and "Queen of All Saints," and for good reason! As the mother of Jesus, Son of God and King of the Universe, Mary would rightly fulfill the role of queen-mother in the biblical sense of the title. As the Theotokos, the Mother of God, she would be the queen not just of human beings but all God's creation, including spiritual beings like the angels. The Blessed Virgin is also a queen in regard to virtue and sainthood, because of her perfect following of the will of God and because of her Immaculate Heart, which was preserved from the stain of sin. As our Queen-Mother, Mary intercedes on behalf of all her children before the throne of God. Throughout the centuries, many artists have illustrated the humble splendor of Our Lady, Queen of Heaven. Shop for artwork, rosaries, jewelry and more celebrating Our Lady, Queen of Heaven and Queen of the Angels.