Resurrection of Christ Triptych

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  • Resurrection Triptych in warm and vibrant color
  • Center panel is Christ emerging from the tomb
  • Side panels are an Angel and the Women at the Tomb
  • Traditional Russian art and iconography

Triptych is from the Greek world meaning "three-fold." This form of art has been used since the Middle Ages to tell the stories of Christianity. This is a bold and beautiful Russian triptych with warm and vibrant colors painted in the traditional style. It features the Resurrected Jesus emerging from the tomb as the center panel, and on the sides, an Angel of the Lord and the Women at the Tomb. A profound illustration of Easter faith and hope, and a wonderful addition to your sacred space.

  • Open: 10" (W) x 7.3" (H)
  • Closed: 5" (W) x 7.3" (H)
  • Wood
  • Handmade

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Resurrection of Christ Triptych