Rise Up Virtues Devotional for Kids

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  • Wonderful virtues-based devotional
  • For kids 8-12
  • 7-Day format, a virtue & Scripture passage a day
  • In depth, age appropriate and faithfully Catholic
  • Great gift for Reconciliation, First Communion and tweens

Rise Up: Shining with Virtue Devotional for Kids is a beautiful and remarkable collection on our Catholic faith for today's children. This compilation of over a dozen writers offers, for the first time, an in-depth, age-appropriate view of virtues, steeped in Catholic tradition, for children ages 8-12.

Written in a seven-day format, the chapter opens with an introduction by Susanna Spencer, our Theological Editor who holds her Masters in Theology from Steubenville. She also offers a reflection on a Scripture passage that captures that virtue. For the next five days, one of our Blessed is She writers offers daily spirited reflections, spanning a moment in history class as Benjamin Franklin to being dubbed the superhero "Prudence" to performing a judo throw on her instructor. Those five days are begun with Scripture or a Saint quote, brief enough to memorize or pray and end in a short prayer authored by our Managing Editor, Nell O'Leary. Susanna wraps up the week with a thought-provoking and encouraging conclusion and prayer.

Virtues & Topics Include:

  • faith written by Gina Fensterer
  • hope written by Dr. Samantha Aguinaldo-Wetterholm
  • charity by Blessed is She's founder, Jenna Guizar
  • prudence by Abbey Davis Dupuy
  • justice by Mary Catherine Craige
  • gratitude by Anna Coyne
  • generosity by Joan Geiger
  • obedience by Bobbi Rol
  • fortitude by Jacqui Skemp
  • perseverance by Blythe Fike
  • patience/mercy by Megan Hjelmstad
  • temperance by Sister Maria Kim Bui
  • humility by Olivia Spears
  • studiousness by Rose Coleman
  • honesty by Dr. MaryRuth Hackett.

Dimensions & Specifications

  • Author: Blessed Is She
  • Pages: 256
  • Format: Paperback
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