Rosary Edition Playing Cards Decks

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  • 2-deck package of playing cards
  • Durable, attractive, & familiar
  • Imagery inspired by the Rosary
  • Face cards represent the Holy Family
  • Great gift for Catholics and families who enjoy games

Times spent playing card games with family and friends are common memories of quality family time together. The new Holy Heroes© Rosary Edition Playing Cards are uniquely customized for us Catholics to enjoy. Durable, attractive, and familiar, they express love for God by paying tribute to the Holy Family. Inspired by the Rosary, the hearts represent the Joyful Mysteries, the clubs the Luminous Mysteries, the spades the Sorrowful Mysteries, and the diamonds the Glorious Mysteries. 

The Face Cards represent a true Royal Court with Jesus as the King, Mary as the Queen and Joseph as the Jacks. The Aces are the Holy Spirit. Each face card is designed to be a new and unique interpretation of a member of the “Royal Court” according to a particular Rosary Mystery, virtue, or title being highlighted.

Sold in sets of two—a blue back and a red back deck—so the kids and the adults can both have fun! Makes a great stocking stuffer, or item for an Easter Basket, and the perfect gift for Catholics who enjoy cards and games. Something practical and fun that all Catholics can enjoy. 

Dimensions & Specifications

  • Includes 2 Playing Card Decks
  • Standard Card Decks with Faithful Imagery
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