Roses Among Thorns: Simple Advice for Renewing Your Spiritual Journey

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St. Francis De Sales
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  • Roses Among Thorns: Simple Advice for Renewing Your Spiritual Journey
  • What to do when you stop finding consolation during prayer
  • How busy people should pray
  • How to be patient with your family
  • What to do about repeated spiritual dryness

From the thousands of personal letters by St. Francis de Sales comes this short, practical guide that will develop in you the soul-nourishing habits that lead to sanctity.

St. Francis de Sales is widely regarded as one of the greatest spiritual advisors in the history of the Church, and we have drawn from his letters the wisest advice for those prepared to take the next step on their spiritual journey.

As he did for saints and sinners in his own time, St. Francis de Sales will stiffen your resolve, help you gain small victories over unruly passions, and restore in you a trusting confidence in Jesus Christ. Soon you’ll find yourself delivered from the chains of self-love as your soul opens to divine goodness and your heart shaped into a fitting place for Christ to dwell and reign eternally.

If you find it difficult to live amid the clamor of the world with your eyes fixed on Christ alone, let St. Francis de Sales teach you how to live as a true rose among thorns as you learn . . .

  •  How to place yourself in the presence of God
  •  Do you fear vice more than you love virtue? A guide to discernment
  •  The dangers of too many devotions
  •  How to know when your feelings are from God or the devil
  •  The three things you must do to be at peace
  •  How to avoid thoughts that give us anxious and restless minds

Absorb the wisdom in these holy pages, and you’ll soon make true progress on your spiritual journey and navigate with confidence the treacherous waters of our secular world.

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  • 5 Oct 26th 2016
    Roses Among Thorns

    So far I'm finding this lovely little book very helpful. I am trying to take things slowly so I'm not very far along in the reading. It is just great reading. Much easier going than I had figured!

    Becky Leonard

  • 5 Jun 22nd 2016
    Roses Amoung Thorns

    I haven't finished it yet but I love this book! I'm sure I'll wear this one out from re-reading it.


  • 5 Apr 22nd 2016
    Roses Among Thorns

    This book was a gift to my Grand Daughter in her second year at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She is reading the book, along with her required studies, and states she likes it.

    Judy Wahl

  • 5 Feb 13th 2016
    Roses among Thorns

    Easy read and good...lots of wonderful advice for your spiritual journey.


  • 5 Dec 29th 2015
    I love this little book!

    I purchased this book for myself and after reading parts of it I immediately bought 4 more for gifts. Each little reading takes only a few minutes so it's easy to pick up and do a reading even if you have only a short period of time. St. Francis de Sales is so filled with God's love and the readings are so comforting and enlightening. Perfect for busy people who want to grow in holiness.

    J. Clarke

  • 4 Oct 2nd 2015
    Roses Among Thorns

    This is an excellent book because of the beautiful prose of St. Francis de Sale, and it's size. The size allows easy carry in a midsize purse or briefcase pocket. Each writing is only one page. I like to carry this book with me wherever I go, for those short times in which I can read a short passage and reflect. I highly recommend adding this book to your spiritual reflection reads for day or bedtime.

    Mary Smith

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