St. Dymphna Half Decaf Blend Coffee

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Saints & Blesseds
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  • 12oz bag of St. Dymphna Half Decaf Blend Coffee
  • Our beans are ethically sourced
  • 50/50 blend of Peruvian and Decaf Colombian beans
  • Pleasant notes of nuttiness and lemongrass
  • Catholic Coffee Exclusive
St.  Dymphna was an ordinary young woman with a desire to love and serve God all her life. At the death of her dear mother, Dymphna's father began to have mental deterioration from the intense grief that he suffered from. Due to some evil advisors, Dymphna's father became a threat to his daughter's purity and virginity. Dymphna died a heroic martyrs death at the hands of her father. Today, the Church honors St. Dymphna as the patroness of those struggling with mental health. 
This 50/50 blend of Peruvian and Decaf Colombian bean honors St. Dymphna in the desire to give you the right boost to your day while still being able to relax and sleep each night. This coffee is a smooth and approachable medium blend with pleasant notes of nuttiness and lemongrass. The medium body and acidity leaves the bitterness behind and has a quick conclusion after each sip.

Part of our Catholic Coffee collection. Learn more about Catholic Coffee.

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  • Ground or whole bean coffee in ready to use/gift bags
  • 12 oz bags
  • Half Decaf Blend

St. Dymphna Half Decaf Blend Coffee