St. Dymphna Half Decaf Blend Coffee

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  • 12oz bag of St. Dymphna Half Decaf Blend Coffee
  • Our beans are ethically sourced
  • 50/50 blend of Peruvian and Decaf Colombian beans
  • Pleasant notes of nuttiness and lemongrass
  • Catholic Coffee Exclusive
St.  Dymphna was an ordinary young woman with a desire to love and serve God all her life. At the death of her mother, Dymphna's father became a threat to his daughter's purity. She died a martyr's death at the hands of her father and the Church honors St. Dymphna as the patroness of suffering from mental health issues and disorders of the nervous system. 

This 50/50 blend of Peruvian and Decaf Colombian beans honors St. Dymphna. It's moderated caffeine content will give you a boost during daytime but allow you to relax and sleep at night. A smooth and approachable medium blend with pleasant notes of nuttiness and lemongrass, the flavor features medium body and acidity that leaves the bitterness behind, with a quick conclusion after each sip.

Part of our Catholic Coffee collection. Learn more about Catholic Coffee.

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  • Ground or whole bean coffee in ready to use/gift bags
  • 12 oz bags
  • Half Decaf Blend
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St. Dymphna Half Decaf Blend Coffee