Saints Who Battled Satan

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Paul Thigpen
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  • Saints Who Battled Satan: Seventeen Holy Warriors Who Can Teach You How To Fight the Good Fight & Vanquish Your Enemy
  • An amazing, inspiring read
  • By the author of the Manual for Spiritual Warfare
  • A unique look at the lives of the saints

The war is on. The Devil plots to defeat you. Meet some battle-tested warriors who fight at your side. 

Satan is real. He’s a formidable foe who wants to snatch us away from God, and the thought of doing battle with him can seem daunting. Even so, the saints who have gone before us have engaged the Devil, armed with the power of Christ … and emerged victorious! These fellow warriors in heaven now fight on our behalf. 

In Saints Who Battled Satan, discover:

  • How Satan attacks us through extraordinary assaults and everyday temptations. 
  • How these 17 saints used prayer, Scripture, the sacraments, and other spiritual weapons against the Enemy.
  • How the virtues served these saints as combat armor. 
  • How these victorious saints now offer their aid to those of us still battling on earth.

Read the inspiring and triumphant stories of Padre Pio, Francis of Assisi, Catherine of Siena, Teresa of Avila, John Vianney, and a dozen other saints who battled Satan. You’ll find the strength, the courage, and the faith to win your own war against the Enemy.

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  • 5 Mar 17th 2018
    Lots of great information!

    So many great things about this book. Firstly, its concise so there isn't a lot of filler! Secondly (and very importantly) it gives so much information about the times when the specific saint lived and what was occurring in the world historically as well as what was going on in the life of our church. Then it gives precise descriptions (as best that can probably be found) of every aspect of the saint and what occurred as well as how each saint battled- techniques(praying, fasting, etc.)to use!

    Alice Cabrera Ricci

  • 5 Apr 16th 2016
    Saints Who Battled Satan

    Well written and enjoyable cover-to-cover. Many items of interest that I never knew about some saints. This also has some good info to help in our daily battle with Satan. Glad I spent the money!

    Joseph Droddy

  • 5 Apr 1st 2016
    Saints who battled Satan

    This is a great book and tells people who aren't aware, just how powerful Satan is, but also, how many of the great saints were able to deal with him. It's a very interesting book!

    Shirley Madden

  • 5 Feb 9th 2016
    Saints Who Battled Satan

    I thought the book was very informative.

    Robert Nickel

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