Sassoferrato Madonna & Child Antique Gold Framed Print - 8" x 10"

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  • Lovely custom print in deluxe quality frame
  • Madonna & Child by Sassoferrato
  • Serene imagery, vividly colored & finely detailed 
  • Exquisitely framed in antique gold with classic style
  • Designed and produced exclusively at The Catholic Company
This lovely print of the Madonna & Child in rich and brilliant color is exquisitely framed in antique gold, with delicate beading on the interior bevel, for a timeless elegance that compliments any style or decor. 

The beloved image, painted by Sassoferrato, shows the tender love and intimate embrace of Mary and the Christ Child as Jesus sleeps in her arms. Mary takes in the sacred humanity of the Messiah, perhaps pondering His divinity in a quiet moment. 

A faithful addition to any space and a beautiful reminder of the love between Mother & Child, especially the Madonna & the Christ. A wonderful piece for any Catholic home and a special gift for a mother or grandmother. 

© Copyright 2024 Trinity Road LLC/The Catholic Company   

Dimensions & Specifications

  • 8" (W) x 10" (H)
  • Fine Art Print, Wood Frame
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Framed Print
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Sassoferrato Madonna & Child Antique Gold Framed Print - 8" x 10"