Satin Gold Low Gluten Ciborium & Amulet Set

Alviti Creations
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  • Ciborium with Lid and Amulet Set
  • Used for Low Gluten Communion
  • Satin Gold Finish
  • Black Satin Cord

Beautifully constructed and patented design can attach to most existing ciborium keeping low gluten host safely separated from other hosts while offering a simpler and dignified way to distribute Holy Communion to those who with special low gluten needs.  Using special hosts approved by the Catholic Church the GIFT- Gluten Intolerant Faithful Thanksgiving vessel helps address the growing need for gluten conscience solution for Holy Communion. The GIFT vessel makes providing for those with gluten conditions easy and more prayerful. Communicants just place a special host in the GIFT vessel before mass which can then be brought forward at the offertory. At communion, simply attach the gift to the existing ciboria using the special plastic protector to prevent scratches while keeping a firm and secure hold to protect the Eucharist. A person with special communion needs will simply use the GIFT line with the rest of the congregation. The minister can easily use his other hand to give this special communion preventing any cross contamination.

"The use of the GIFT makes it much more peaceful and prayerful during mass so that you are not worrying about if you're going to get the right hosts or if the priest is going to know what to do." 

A special designed amulet that when shown before receiving Holy Communion provides an easily recognizable non-verbal communication indicating the need for a low gluten special host. The communion distributor simply uses their other hand to give communion avoiding cross-contamination. No more fussing with extra pyxes. No more extra trips to the altar for special hosts or scheduling extra people for communion distribution. No more unnecessary communication with the Eucharistic Minister that you need a special host. No more unnecessary attention for those with gluten intolerance issues.

This is a useful and dignified vessel. 

Gluten Intolerant Faithful Thanksgiving – GIFT

  • Ciborium - 1.25 inches tall
  • Ciborium - 2.75 inches wide
  • Ciborium - holds approximately 10 hosts with 1.375 inch diameter
  • Amulet Cord - 32 inches long
  • Returns subject to restocking fee

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Satin Gold Low Gluten Ciborium & Amulet Set