Science and the Miraculous & Nothing Short of a Miracle (2 book set)

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  • Science and the Miraculous: How the Church Investigates the Supernatural
  • Insightful, informative and inspiring
  • Church's role in scientific progress throughout history
  • How faith and science work together to confirm the miraculous
  • Nothing Short of A Miracle - God's Healing Power in Modern Saints
  • Miracles by means of human prayers and human hands
  • Learn how miraculous healings are surprising hardened skeptics and bringing joy to the hearts of believers
Science and the Miraculous: How the Church Investigates the Supernatural

It is no secret that the modern secular world denounces the existence of miracles. But the truth is plain and simple: miracles can (and do) happen, and science can prove it. Some might say that belief in miracles is a thing of the past, relegated to a more credulous and superstitious age before humanity fully embraced the certainty and exactitude of scientific study. Renowned author Michael O’Neill, also known as the “Miracle Hunter,” is here to set the record straight. According to O’Neill, true miracles are by definition rare, but still undoubtedly occur today. And in this present age of skepticism, where the worship of science and reason have pervaded the culture, the existence of the supernatural is to be appreciated now more than ever before. Though it may come as a surprise to some, the Catholic Church actually turns to science to assist in the investigation and validation of claims of supernatural phenomena and miracles that appear to violate the laws of nature and our common human experience. Yet this should come as no shock to those who know the Church’s pivotal role in scientific progress throughout the centuries, from Gregor Mendel, the father of the study of genetics, to Georges Lemaître, the developer of the “Big Bang Theory.” The Science of Miracles takes readers through the Church’s rigorous investigation of miraculous occurrences, including:    
  • Healing miracles from life-threatening conditions    
  • Statues that exude human tears     
  • Eucharistic hosts visually manifesting true flesh and true blood
  • Visionaries who see the Virgin Mary in an ecstatic state 
  • Saints whose bodies lay in a state of perfect preservation for centuries;    
  • Living people whose bodies are marked by the wounds of Christ’s crucifixion    
  • and more . . . 
  The Catholic Church employs a combination of strict, centuries-old criteria for evaluating proposed cases of miracles with the most modern methods of medical examination to arrive at explanations for the purportedly inexplicable. If natural causes can be attributed or if frauds and hoaxes can be exposed, the Church will uncover the truth. But if science can show that miracles can and do happen, what will you believe? While belief in the supernatural ultimately requires faith, discover in this thorough investigation how science is a gift from God to aid our faith, and to educate our minds about the truths our heart already knows. 

Nothing Short of A Miracle - God's Healing Power in Modern Saints 

 God doesn’t need humans to work miracles for Him, but as veteran Catholic author Patricia Treece shows, it certainly seems His good pleasure to perform great miracles by means of human prayers and human hands. For more than a quarter century, Treece — America’s most experienced and revered saint-watcher — has gathered numerous fascinating reports of miraculous healings brought about in our lifetime. Among them is the complete 2005 cure of Sr. Marie Simon-Pierre’s advanced Parkinson’s disease after she appealed for healing to the just-deceased Pope John Paul II. 
After intense scrutiny, the Vatican declared her healing miraculous, leading to John Paul’s beatification and canonization. Here, too, are tales of scores of lesser-known healings brought to light by Treece’s own investigations into little-known official Vatican documents, as well as from her many interviews with living witnesses of miraculous healings, including several whose healings have been accepted by the Vatican as grounds for the canonization of their intercessors. You’ll read vivid but sober accounts of the lives and of the miracles wrought by some of the greatest healers of all, with details of a host of authenticated healings by André Bessette, John Bosco, Frances Cabrini, Solanus Casey, John Paul II, Padre Pio, Elizabeth Seton, Francis Xavier Seelos, Fulton Sheen, Mother Teresa, Thérèse of Lisieux, and other good men and women blessed by God with remarkable healing charisms. The healings documented here are not hasty judgments made by gullible, overwrought believers; they’re instantaneous, complete, and permanent cures for which scientific medicine still has no explanations — cures that also meet the Vatican’s stringent seven-part test of authenticity. 

When faced with a woman skeptical about whether she could be cured, the healer Solanus Casey is reported to have said, “Don’t you know that God can cure cancer just as easily as the common cold?” Not only can God do this: These pages show that He is doing it … so often and so obviously that even in our day miraculous healings are giving pause to hardened skeptics and bringing joy to the hearts of believers who rightly see in them overwhelming evidence of God’s love for each of us. May they bring joy to your heart as well and renew the confidence in His love that God yearns for you to have!
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Science and the Miraculous & Nothing Short of a Miracle (2 book set)