St. Anastasia

St. Anastasia was born of noble descent, to a pagan father and a Christian mother. Anastasia was baptized, because of her Mother's desire to raise her as a Christian. Anastasia ended up marrying a noble Roman named Publius, who was a pagan. Publius was a loving husband, until he discovered that his wife was a practicing Christian. Publius quickly became a cruel tyrant, and inflicted much suffering upon his wife. Publius soon met an untimely death during his journey to visit the King of Persia. Following her husband's death, Anastasia devoted her life to consoling Christians, especially those imprisoned. Anastasia suffered many persecutions, but was also the cause for many conversions. She was eventually martyred by fire. St. Anastasia is one of the seven women besides the Virgin Mary, commemorated in the Roman Missal. St. Anastasia's feast day is celebrated on December 25th.