St. Benedict Finger Rosary Set

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  • Set of convenient Finger Rosaries
  • St. Benedict Jubilee Medal theme
  • Oxidized silver
  • Keep them in several locations
  • Convenient way to pray the Rosary anywhere, anytime
A set of oxidized silver Finger Rosaries is a practical and convenient way to be sure you can pray your rosary anywhere, any time. Keep one in every room of your home, in your car, in your backpack or purse, your desk drawer, or any place that allows you to have this small and useful aid to prayer at your fingertips. This set features 5 finger rosaries with a St. Benedict Jubilee Medal Cross as the centerpiece, and notched rounds to count your prayers during each decade. Buy a set for yourself, or to distribute to your prayer group or bible study. Made in Italy.

Dimensions & Specifications

  • Oxidized Silver
  • 5 Rosary Rings in Set
  • Made in Italy
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Rosary Type:
One Decade/Tenner
Saints & Blesseds
Savini - Luisa
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St. Benedict Finger Rosary Set


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