St. Clement

Known as St. Clement of Rome, Pope Saint Clement I (died 100 A.D.) is considered the first Apostolic Father of the Church. He is mentioned in the Bible in Philippians 4:3. He is also said to be one of the 70 followers of Jesus mentioned in the Gospels. He was a disciple of St. Peter and was ordained by him, though there is some chronological discrepancy as to whether he was the second, third, or fourth Bishop of Rome. Of his life and death nothing is known, but he has left one definite writing, a letter to the Church of Corinth. The Basilica of St. Clement is one of the earliest parish churches in Rome, built on the site of his home. He is the patron saint of mariners, sailors, marble-workers, stone-cutters and sick children. His feast day is celebrated on November 23rd.