St. Elizabeth of Hungary

Saint Elizabeth of Hungary is the patron of hobos, charities, brides, bakers, nursing homes, and tertiaries. At age 13, she married Prince Louis of Thuringa. Although she was a member of the royal family, she was comfortable most when serving the poor and hungry outside the castle walls. No amount of chiding or disapproval from her husband or his family could dissuade her from serving the poorest of God's children. Once, en route to feed the poor, Prince Louis stopped her and angrily demanded to see what she carried beneath her mantle. Miraculously, the food had been replaced by roses. When her husband died in battle, Elizabeth swore off her life of wealth within the castle walls and joined a convent. She helped Germany recover from a famine by giving them a lhuge gift of grain. It was this act, along with her daily habit of distributing bread among the poor, that made her the patron saint of bakers. St. Elizabeth of Hungary's feast day is November 17th.