St. Francis Alabaster Statue w/ Wolf - 6 inches

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This touching image of St. Francis shows him with a pair of doves in his hands, a wolf at his knee, and a lamb at his feet. Made in Italy, this hand painted alabaster statue measures 6".

Write a Review
  • 5 Dec 14th 2016
    St. Francis Alabaster Statue with Wolf

    I love the statue. Thank you.


  • 5 May 24th 2016
    The Loveliest of All

    This beautiful statue is, in my humble opinion, the loveliest of all representations of this blessed saint. It shows St Francis celebrating, and in tune with, the wondrous creatures God made and whom Francis recognized as such. Full of humility and love, Francis is portrayed as the follower of Christ our Saviour; gentle, respectful, and caring for all of God's children whether human or of the animal kingdom. I love St Francis and this reminder shows he continues to work on behalf of us all.

    Lyon Murray

  • 5 May 7th 2015
    Inspirational Work

    The work exhibits fine detail and evokes Francis' intimate relationship with nature. My sister has a collection of St. Francis statues and just went hiking in Yellowstone to see the wolves. This was an appropriate gift for her birthday.


  • 5 Oct 14th 2011
    So lifelike!

    The detail on this statue is so remarkably fine: the gentle smile of St. Francis, the adoring expressions of the lamb and the wolf, and the excellent coloration's are even more wonderful to behold in person. I recommend putting some kind of adhesive Velcro on the bottom so that it won't be easily knocked over. Absolutely gorgeous find!