St. Gerard

Saint Gerard is the patron saint of motherhood and safe childbirth. He is also the patron saint of unborn children and the falsely accused.

Born at Muro, Italy in 1726, to a poor family, St. Gerard Majella learned the trade of the tailor to support his widowed mother. His true calling was the religious life, however, and he eventually joined the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer, becoming a Redemptorist, in 1749. He was always obedient, seeming to know what was wanted of him without being told. St. Gerard was an angel in purity, as well as extremely wise. He had mystical abilities such as powers of prophecy, healing, bi-location and the reading of consciences. St. Gerard contracted tuberculosis and died in 1755.

St. Gerard medals are a comforting gift to pregnant mothers. They are also an encouraging symbol for any who have been falsely accused.