St. Joseph and His World & St. Joseph Chaplet (Gift Set)

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  • 2 Gift Set - Perfect gift for fathers, those with family prayer needs, and those devoted to St. Joseph
  •  St. Joseph and His World
  • Provides an imaginative entry into one of the most important lives in all of history
  • St. Joseph Chaplet 
  • Design elements celebrating Joseph's purity, piety, and lineage as a son of David

 St. Joseph and His World

“A TREMENDOUS BREAKTHROUGH” in the study of St. Joseph...

...There are few subjects so challenging” to authors as St. Joseph. So says scholar Scott Hahn in his foreword to this book. Yet the pages that follow give not merely glimpses, but vistas, of St. Joseph’s world. Hahn continues: “You’ll learn about Nazareth — and how it was created almost ex nihilo shortly before Joseph’s birth. You’ll learn about religious practice and education in that place and time. You’ll travel to Egypt and encounter the fascinating settlements of Jews in that land. You’ll also find out how a carpenter worked in those days: what tools he used, what items he crafted, where he got his training, and how he got to and from his job sites.” This book provides an imaginative entry into one of the most important lives in all of history — a life too often obscured by later legends. " 

St. Joseph Chaplet 

Note: Personalization, if added, will be engraved on the back of the cross. 

This hand made St. Joseph Chaplet is a prayerful reflection on the Spouse of Mary and Earthly Father of Christ. Creamy, matte white Howlite beads invite you to meditate upon his purity. Matte Amethyst beads in tones of violet and earthy brown invoke his royal lineage as a son of David, and his humble life as a carpenter providing for the Holy Family.

Simple silver tone spacers separate the gemstones, and an antique silver heishi spacer is a reminder of his role, foretold for generations in ancient prophecy. A handsome St. Joseph medal center and an elegant Crucifix, both made in Italy from oxidized silver, add the finishing touch. 

The perfect gift for new dads, experienced fathers, and anyone seeking a powerful intercessor before the throne of God, especially for family needs. Prayer Card and instructions included. 

Designed and Handmade Exclusively at The Catholic Company

*Natural gemstone bead colors and sizes may vary slightly with each handmade design.

© Copyright 2021 Trinity Road LLC/The Catholic Company


Dimensions and Specifications

 St. Joseph and His World

  • Author: Mike Aquilina
  • Pages: 144
  • Format: Paperback

St. Joseph Chaplet 

  • 19 1/2" (L)
  • Matte Chevron Amethyst Beads: 8 mm; Matte White Howlite Beads: 10 mm
  • St. Joseph Centerpiece Medal: 1" (Made in Italy)
  • Crucifix: 1.5" (Made in Italy)
  • Prayer Card and Instructions Included
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St. Joseph and His World & St. Joseph Chaplet (Gift Set)