St. John the Baptist

Saint John the Baptist is the patron saint of baptism, converts, and epileptics. He is also the patron saint of monastic life, printers and against hailstorms.

Born to Zachary, a priest, and Elizabeth, the cousin of the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. John the Baptist is called the Precursor to Jesus. Around the age of 30 he began preaching in the desert, encouraging men to do penance and be baptized in preparation for the coming of Christ. When he met Jesus, he humbly baptized Him before telling his followers to follow Jesus. King Herod eventually had St. John the Baptist imprisoned and beheaded at the urging of his jealous wife.

St. John the Baptist medals make a meaningful gift for recent converts and newly baptized Catholics. They can also offer encouragement for those who are considering the monastic life, as well as those who suffer from epilepsy.