St. Joseph & Child Jesus Three Day Candle

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  • St. Joseph & Child Jesus Three Day Candle
  • Slow burning
  • Lasts 3 days
  • Beautiful image of the Holy Family
  • Special gift for those devoted to St. Joseph & the Christ Child

Are you praying concertedly for a particular intention, especially in your family? This slow burn candle will remain lit for approximately three days as special offering that will call you back to your prayer intention as you go through your day. Build a little altar with a statue, flowers and your candle as you pray for your intention, and ask St. Joseph & Jesus to intercede. A special gift of prayer that will make a lovely votive offering in your home. A gift of faith for anyone devoted to St. Joseph & the Christ Child, to encourage devotion and prayer. 

  • 8" (H) 
  • Glass, Wax, Paper

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