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St. Joseph Daily and Sunday Missal (3 Volume Set)

St. Joseph Daily and Sunday Missal (3 Volume Set)

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Product Description

  • St. Joseph Missal Daily and Sunday Missal
  • Complete gift box 3 volume set
  • Includes Sunday & Daily readings
  • Beautiful heirloom edition


This comprehensive Saint Joseph Daily and Sunday Missal Complete Gift Box 3-Volume Set by Catholic Book Publishing is all any Catholic will ever need to full participate in every Mass of the year.

The Saint Joseph Daily and Sunday Missal Complete Gift Box 3-Volume Set offers three essential volumes in an attractive and sturdy gold-embossed black imitation leather case, including the two-volume Weekday Missals (Vols. I & II) and the complete and permanent one-volume Sunday Missal (years A, B, C). 

Easy to use as they follow the liturgical year, the two-volume perpetual Weekday Missals contain all regular and optional Weekday Masses with Volume I covering Weekday Masses for both Year I and Year II from Advent to Pentecost (and includes Ordinary Time, weeks 1-9) and Volume II covering from Pentecost to Advent (and includes Ordinary Time, weeks 10-34). Volume III is the complete and permanent Saint Joseph Sunday Missal, an all-inclusive Missal that provides the Lectionary readings and the celebrant's and people's prayers (in bold face) for Sundays and Holydays.

With sewn bindings for durability with frequent use, all three volumes are bound in rich bonded leather with convenient zipper closures. Priced to save, this beautifully packaged Saint Joseph Daily and Sunday Missal 3-Volume Set is a priceless, all-encompassing resource for priests, religious and laity.



Dimensions & Specifications

  • This set is in the English Language only
  • Black bonded leather with zipper closures
  • Size: 4-1/4" x 6-1/4"
  • ISBN: 9780899428383
  • Language: English

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Reviews - St. Joseph Daily and Sunday Missal (3 Volume Set)

Average Customer Rating
(4.60/5 Stars, 15 Ratings) Based on 15 Reviews

First Missal - Excellent

Review: After several weeks of using this set of Missals, I am very pleased with the purchase. I appreciate having three smaller volumes that are easy to carry and hold. I have been very happy with the functional quality of the product - the paper, the cover, the zipper. There is a learning curve, but I suspect that's common to all comprehensive missals. It does not have enough page markers, but I did not think that was worth downgrading the rating.


Review: I'm extremely happy with my St. Joseph Missals, 3-Volume Set. I used them to follow along during Sunday and weekday masses easily. I love the size of them; print is large enough to see, and the missal is small enough to go right into my handbag. Additional ribbon markers would have been nice (the missals only have two) but I am happy to use prayer cards to mark particular sections, as needed, and that solves the problem. Suggested: buyers inspect the gold cross zipper-pulls for loose links. :)

St. Joseph Daily and Sunday Missile (3 vol.)

Review: Very nice. Easy to use. The only thing I would have liked, were more marker ribbons.

missal books

Review: Excellent condition, fast service but smaller than I thought for the price, but love it over all.



Very pleased

Review: Very handsome and easy to use multiple volume sets of the Roman Missal 3rd edition in 3 books. Beautiful gold trim. Only negative is that it could have been made with more ribbon markers. Other than that, I am well satisfied.

The perfect missal

Review: This is the perfect way to have your missal with you at home,or carry along when traveling. Protective zipper covers make them portable without worrying about their safety. A great purchase.

Sunday and Weekday Mass for Life

Review: We tried Monthly Daily Readings, Sunday annual Readings from many types and sources, never being really happy. Now we got in three NICE volumes EVERYDAY Masses for life (more than 20 Years, eventually forever). The books are extremely handy and easy to read with reasonable size print. We are really happy to have discovered this nice set of Mass books that will be a very good companion for many years to come. Thanks.

St. Joseph Missals

Review: Offering the missal is a nice concept, since one would need to transport one small volume, as opposed to a larger edition containing the entire year. Very complete. I would wish there were more ribbon placeholders included; 2 is not enough, especially for the weekday volumes. The 2nd Weekday volume is rather cumbersome to use. The Year II first readings are kept in a separate section than the Year I first readings and Year I & II Gospels, which results in a lot of page flipping for those weeks.

Very nice set of missals

Review: I really like this set of missals but there are a few things that would make it better. I like the commentary on the daily and Sunday readings. The extra prayers are a bit sparse. I would like to see more substantial prayers for the Way of the Cross and the Mysteries of the Rosary, before and after mass prayers, various devotions etc. The Daily Roman Missal has some beautiful extra prayers as an example. Also, it needs more ribbons to get from place to place quickly.

daily missal

Review: Contains readings for both Sunday & daily Mass.

This is a wonderful set.

Review: The quality of this set is very good. It has ribbon book marks so that your place can be easily saved. I use this set everyday before Mass to put myself in a more prayerful and open state of mind. I don't know of anything that could be improved.

Daily Missal Set

Review: After praying the LOTH in the morning plus the Crown of the Blessed Virgin Mary, I read the daily scriptural readings from Mass. Surprised to learn that the daily Gospel does not change from year to year and that the daily readings follow the same 2 year format as the LOTH rather than the 3 year cycle as on Sundays. In the Treasury of Prayers,I like the Prayer for a family. Would like to have seen the Angelus, Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and Devotion to Divine Mercy included.

Excellent reference for daily use.

Review: Helpful for daily use with insightful information on the scriptures and background each mass.

Set uf Missals

Review: This is a very beautiful set of missals, containing much more information than expected in a missal. Great products!
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