St. Joseph Home Sale Kits

Saint Joseph has long been called upon in matters concerning home and family. The use of the Saint Joseph home sale kit is just one way of invoking his prayers and intercession on our behalf. There are many stories surrounding the origins of the St. Joseph statue as a tool for selling real estate. Some say he must be buried in a certain way or in a specific spot. However, as Catholics, we believe that it is our prayers and petitions to the Saints that must be heard and they in turn will intercede for us to God. As the foster father of Jesus and guardian of Mary, St. Joseph holds a special place as head of the most perfect household. Upon receiving your St. Joseph home sale kit try following these simple steps to make sure your intentions are sincere and not just mere superstition:

  • Pray to St. Joseph to help you sell your home.
  • Believe in St. Joseph’s intercession to God on your behalf.
  • Have Faith, and place the St. Joseph statue on your property as an outward sign of your trust.
  • Thank St. Joseph for having responded to your call, before, during and after the sale of your home.
  • Move the St. Joseph statue to a place of honor.
  • Share your experience with others so that they too can benefit from the powerful intercession of St. Joseph.