St. Joseph Nativity Statue for 19" Scale Nativity

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  • Stately statue of St. Joseph
  • He gazes down at the manger
  • Gorgeous colors and fine detail, gold accents
  • Meant for a 19" Scale Nativity Set
  • Beautiful and vibrant addition to Nativity Scene
A brilliantly colored statue of St. Joseph, earthly father of Our Lord, as he gazes down at the manger  with eyes fixed on his son and Newborn King. This single piece is sold separately for a 19" Scale Nativity Set. The fine detailing and elegant lines are characteristic of Joseph's Studio, who produced this lovely figure. The generously sized piece makes a beautiful addition to your 19" Scale Nativity Scene, and a special piece for a scene in a larger space like an office or parish. 

Dimensions & Specifications

  • 18.5" (H) 
  • Resin/Stone
  • For a 19" Scale Nativity
  • One Piece
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Saints & Blesseds
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St. Joseph Nativity Statue for 19" Scale Nativity