St. Thomas Aquinas Honey Blend Coffee 12 K-Cup Box

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  • Pack of 12 K-Cups
  • St. Thomas Aquinas Honey Blend Coffee
  • Notes of lemongrass with a sweet honeyed finish
  • Conveniently brew a delicious cup of Catholic Coffee
  • Catholic Coffee Exclusive
Quickly and easily brew a sweet and delicious cup of St. Thomas Aquinas Honey Blend Coffee with this pack of 12 K-cups. 

A delightful coffee honoring St. Thomas Aquinas. Born in Italy in 1225, he felt called to the Dominican Order at a young age. His family held him captive to prevent him from entering, and sent a prostitute whom Thomas drove away with a flaming torch. An advocate for those trying to remain chaste or celibate, he was finally given his family's blessing.

He became one of the greatest philosophers and theologians of the Church whose writings are the basis for much of our theology today. As a tribute to the sweet and divinely inspired words of the Angelic Doctor, this bright coffee begins with notes of lemongrass that compliment the taste, and features a floral-forward wildflower honey flavor. It's not just the taste that's angelic. The floral notes diffuse divinely and meld into a rich honeyed aroma, which finishes with notes of caramel. 

We'll stop short of saying this blend is as remarkable as the Angelic Doctor himself, but it's distinctive smooth and comforting notes are reminiscent of a fine herbal tea. When brewed hot it's warm and inviting, but when iced, refreshing and bright. 

Our box makes 12 delicious cups. A unique gift for coffee lovers. 

Part of our Catholic Coffee collection. Learn more about Catholic Coffee.

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Dimensions & Specifications

  • Pack of 12 K-cups
  • Fits standard Keurig machine
  • Honey Blend
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    St. Thomas Aquinas Honey Blend Coffee 12 K-Cup Box