Stories about Purgatory and What They Reveal

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This book was written to impress upon its readers many truths about Purgatory -- first, that it exists; second, that the souls detained there suffer long and excruciating pains, and that they desperately need our prayers and sacrifices; and that we ourselves should strive mightily to avoid Purgatory. Confirms in the reader's heart a healthy and holy respect for the sufferings endured by the Holy Souls, such that he will always remember them in his prayers. Imprimatur.

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  • 5 Nov 18th 2016
    Stories About Purgatory And What They Reveal

    This is an excellent book for those who desire to know about Purgatory. It's format which is written in a 30 day style allows readers to think about, and prayerfully reflect on different aspects the author reveals to us throughout each section. Certainly a must read during the month of November dedicated to the Poor Souls in Purgatory.

    Roger Desjardins, MDiv., MTh.

  • 5 Oct 27th 2011
    Very Moving

    This will open your mind to all the help the Poor Souls need. Best Uses: DAILY READING; Describe Yourself: Everyday Reader; Pros: Deserves Multiple Readings, Eye-Opening, Informative


  • 5 Jan 21st 2009
    I have bought this book for so many peop

    I bought this book for myself and it was so great, I purchased this as gifts for my family and friends. This is a book that really explains how much the souls in Purgatory rely on us here in earth and how we can help them through our prayers and sacrifices! Best Uses: Everyone Should Read; Describe Yourself: Everyday Reader; Pros: Deserves Multiple Readings, Not just for November


  • 5 Nov 12th 2008
    Exactly what the cover suggests

    Have presented a copy to each of our little <a class="autolink" href="">bible study</a> group. We are having some interesting dialogue . We are all using it as a daily devotional during this month of November. I keep re-reading chapters. it is a great book for anyone who wants to delve more deeply on purgatory. Best Uses: Everyone; Describe Yourself: Avid Reader; Pros: An awakening


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