Taboo Bible Edition

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  • Fun and fast-paced family game
  • Answer a variety of bible questions before your time runs out
  • Don't use any words that are TABOO
  • For 2 teams of 2 or more players, ages 12+
  • Great gift for families, fun & formation for all
In Taboo® Bible Edition an obvious clue could be strictly TABOO! To get your team to say MOSES would you say PRINCE, EGYPT, PLAGUES, PHAROAH, or COMMANDMENT?  In this game you can’t, because all of those words are strictly TABOO!  Rattle off clues while the time counts down.  You’ll earn a point each time your team guesses correctly.  But watch what you say!  If your opponent’s hear a TABOO word, you’ll get buzzed and they’ll get the point! Hundreds of updated words with Scriptural themes and biblical references. Fun for the whole family, and especially fun for team play. For 2 teams of 2 or more players,  ages 12+.

Dimensions & Specifications

  • 11" (W) x 8" (H) x 3" (D)
  • For 2 Teams of 2 or More Players, Ages 12+
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Cactus Games Design, Inc.
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Taboo Bible Edition


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