Terror of Demons: Reclaiming Traditional Catholic Masculinity

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  • Based on centuries of Catholic wisdom
  • From Scripture and the Saints
  • The epidemic of our culture as men are emasculated
  • The remedy to conquer this disordered movement in society
  • Must-read book for Catholic men today

Families are being destroyed and souls are being cast into hell because of soft and effeminate men. In Terror of Demons, Kennedy Hall provides the cure: traditional Catholic masculinity. “Effeminacy is a plague, and it must be eradicated.”

Drawing on centuries of Catholic wisdom from Scripture and the saints, Hall provides the tools for the reader to conquer effeminacy and be a man of God. This book is not for the weak-hearted but will strike every man with the sharpness of iron—he who has ears to hear will receive strength herein. The world is in desperate need of such men. Let the men of God arise. 

Saint Joseph, Terror of Demons, pray for us!

  • Author: Kennedy Hall
  • Pages: 208
  • Hardcover

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Terror of Demons: Reclaiming Traditional Catholic Masculinity