The 12 Days of Christmas Trifold Greeting Cards - Set of 12

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  • Pack of 12 delightful Christmas cards
  • Folds out to display the 12 Days of Christmas
  • Illustrations provide joyful holiday decor
  • Send messages of love to friends and family
  • Designed and produced exclusively by The Catholic Company
Delight your family and loved ones this Christmas with this set of 12 cards, which celebrate the cheerful and Christian origins of the 12 Days of Christmas. The front of the card features a Partridge in a Pear Tree, and the card folds out to display the rest of the characters from the classic Christmas carol.

The card also features an explanation of the possible Catholic origins of the song. Legend has it that early Christians used this song to teach their children about the Faith, with each day representing a different tenet of Catholicism; the Four Calling Birds as the Four Evangelists, the Seven Swans A-Swimming as the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, and the Partridge as Christ Himself, Who was hung on a tree to save us from our sins.

Regardless of the historical accuracy of this tale, it provides a beautiful way to tie the true Reason for the Season into an iconic Christmas carol; and, you will fall in love with the captivating illustrations of the song's characters depicted on these cards. Send them to your friends and family this holiday season as a joyful way to wish a very merry Christmas.

© Copyright 2022 Trinity Road LLC/The Catholic Company 

Dimensions & Specifications

  • Pack of 12 cards and 13 envelopes
  • Cards (unfolded): 18.375" x 5"
  • Cards (folded) 6.125" x 5"
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The 12 Days of Christmas Trifold Greeting Cards - Set of 12