The Catholic Card Game & The Bible Is Funny Card Game (2 Gift Set)

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  • The Catholic Card Game
  • Fun, fast-paced and faithful game
  • 400 cards in a prompt and answer style format
  • Team with friends and family
  • The Bible Is Funny Card Game
  • Fun, bible-based card game for players 12 & up
  • Match out of context bible quotes with everyday scenarios
The Catholic Card Game

he Catholic Card Game is a prompt and answer style game for 3-10 players, with all its content coming from the deep wells of the Catholic Faith, Tradition, and community. It is a great game to play with your Catholic (and non-Catholic) friends and family.
It includes 400 cards and is different every time you play. Great fun for adults, teens, parties, youth groups, bussing to Catholic events, and quality time with your family and friends. It's similar to other party games, providing a better opportunity for Catholic fellowship and clean fun, so no confession is needed after playing!  This is the 2nd edition revised and updated 2021.

The Bible Is Funny Card Game

Since Bible verses are always being taken out of context, why not make a game of it? This hilarious card game of creating your own unexpected combinations is perfect for families, friends, and small groups—ages 12 and up!

An excuse I would use to get out of going somewhere…

  • I am very old. Joshua 23:2
  • My breath is offensive. Job 19:17
  • My back is filled with searing pain; there is no health in my body. Psalm 38:7
With 70 prompts and 165 Bible verses spread out across 200 cards, The Bible Is Funny Card Game invites players with an abundance of Bible knowledge as well as those with no prior Bible experience to match out-of-context biblical verses with prompts about everyday situations to win the funniest pairing. The verse cards in the deck feature obscure, ludicrous, or downright outrageous Bible verses pulled completely out of their original context. The prompt cards offer fun, contemporary situations into which those Bible verses can be inserted, with topics ranging from family dynamics and dating to popular culture and the workplace. Players can cast lots or go with the Noah (most pets) or Sarah (best laugh) rules to decide who will be the Theologian first, and then begin the battle to see who will earn the most “Treasures in Heaven” (points).

Dimensions & Specifications:

The Catholic Card Game
  • 400 Cards
  • 3-10 Players
  • Age Preteen-Adult

The Bible Is Funny Card Game
  • 200 Cards
  • Ages 12 & Up
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The Catholic Card Game & The Bible Is Funny Card Game (2 Gift Set)