The Forty Parables of Jesus

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  • Analysis of the 40 Parables of Christ
  • Background, meaning, messages
  • Insightful reflections
  • Messages that speak to the heart 
  • Wonderful resource for those who enjoy Scripture

In this book, which covers all of Jesus’ parables, award-winning author Gerhard Lohfink takes a closer look at the origins of each one—its shape, its realistic details, but most of all its original message and the situation into which it was once spoken. Jesus’ parables speak in bold images of the kingdom of God, making it present to us as they reveal something of the mystery of his own person.

Lohfink also offers a review of some of the scholarship in this area—as this topic has sustained research on Jesus since the first telling of these stories—but not for the purposes of debate. His reflections interpret the forty parables and show how they speak of the coming of the reign of God, lead us to Jesus, and reveal the mystery of Jesus himself.

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  • Author: Gerhard Lohfink
  • Translator: Linda M. Maloney
  • 272 pages
  • Hardcover
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