The Glories of Divine Grace

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  • Explains the doctrine of divine grace
  • How it works in the soul & the Church
  • What it means for our salvation
  • How to open ourselves to as much grace as possible
  • Using this astonishing gift of God won by Christ

We know that through Baptism we become children of God and heirs of heaven—that we receive sanctifying grace and have a share in the life of God himself. But what does that mean in our daily lives? The Glories of Divine Grace describes the immense gift of grace won for us by the Savior and the inconceivable power this grace gives to our lives.

Among the mysteries of faith, the doctrine of grace occupies a preeminent place. It’s at the heart of Christianity because grace is how God comes to us and how we embrace God. To take this gift of divine grace for granted or to let it go to waste is an offense against God. Fr. Matthias J. Scheeben’s insights into the glories of divine grace reveal a man who knew this gift intimately and cherished it wisely. Don’t let this astonishing gift go unnoticed or unused or misunderstood. Read this masterful and intriguing book on grace.

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  • Author: Fr. Matthias J. Scheeben
  • Pages: 455
  • Format: Paperback
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The Glories of Divine Grace