The King of the Golden City

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  • Timeless allegory beloved for generations
  • Teaches kids a deep understanding of Holy Communion
  • Engaging and wonderful children's tale
  • Makes a perfect First Communion gift

Mother Mary Loyola had used the simple allegory of a little maid and the gracious King who deigned to visit her as a catechetical tool for many years, but it wasn't until 1919, when she sent a version of the story to an American publisher who took a keen interest in her work, that she began expanding what was originally a simple vignette into a full book-length story.  It then took two years before this book was finished and brought out to great acclaim.  

Though Mother Loyola knew that children would love this wonderful story, she could not have foreseen that it would be this, her only allegory and one of her last published works, that would rekindle an interest in her work many years later. 

This wonderful edition is a replica of the original. This special Centenary Edition is truly a treasure.  We have restored the original illustrations, including the beautiful frames surrounding the text on every page. 

This story holds potent truths that call every one of us to greater holiness.

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  • Author: Mother Mary Loyola
  • Pages: 120 
  • Format: Paperback
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Jesus: Holy Eucharist
St. Augustine Academy Press

The King of the Golden City