The Lamb's Supper: The Mass as Heaven on Earth

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  • The Lamb's Supper: The Mass as Heaven on Earth
  • Written by renowned biblical scholar Scott Hahn
  • A stunning, amazing look at the Mass
  • Finally: understand the Book of Revelation!
  • Approach Sunday Mass with new eyes and a new love for Christ

"This remarkable book brings together several powerful spiritual realities - all of them important to the believing Christian, and all of them apparently so diverse as to superficially appear unrelated: the end of the world and the daily Mass; the Apocalypse and the Lord's Supper; the humdrum of daily life and the Parousia, the coming of the Lord." 
—from The Foreword by Fr. Benedict J. Groeschel C.F.R.


In The Lamb's Supper, Scott Hahn explores an amazing interpretation of The Book of Revelation that has been almost forgotten over time. He reaches back to the second through sixth centuries to the teachings of the early Eastern Fathers of the church.

In his study of their writings, Hahn shows us the link between the celebration of the Eucharist and the end of the world. He illustrates how the heavenly worship found in the Book of Revelation is really an account of the Marriage Feast of the Lamb—a celebration of the Holy Eucharist.

Beautifully written in clear, direct language, this book by bestselling Catholic author Scott Hahn will help readers see the Mass with new eyes, pray the liturgy with a renewed heart, and enter into the Mass more fully, enthusiastically, intelligently, and powerfully than ever before.


"An extremely fascinating development of the relationship between the Book of Revelation and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Scott Hahn handles a very complex subject in a very clear, logical manner ... and above all it is highly readable and very much in tune with modern-day jargon and understanding... I have learned much in the reading."
—Father Dominic Scotto, T.O.R.



Part One: The Gift of the Mass

  • Christ Stands at the Door: The Mass Revealed
  • In Heaven Right Now: What I Found at My First Mass
  • Given for You: The Story of Sacrifice
  • From the Beginning: The Mass of the First Christians
  • Taste and See (and Hear and Touch) the Gospel: Understanding the Parts of the Mass

Part Two: The Revelation of Heaven

  • "I Turned to See": The Sense Amid the Strangeness
  • Who's Who in Heaven: Revelation's Cast of Thousands
  • Apocalypse Then! The Battles of Revelation and the Ultimate Weapon
  • Judgment Day: His Mercy is Scary

Part Three: Revelation for the Masses

  • Lifting the Veil: How to See the Invisible
  • Worship is Warfare: Which Will You Choose: Fight or Flight?
  • Parish the Thought: Revelation as Family Portrait
  • Rite Makes Might: The Difference Mass Makes


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  • Author: Scott Hahn
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pages: 192
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