The Lion of Münster: The Bishop Who Roared Against The Nazis

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  • Inspirational story of strength, faith and conviction
  • Biography of Clemens August Graf von Galen
  • Life of the Bishop of Munster when Hitler rose to power
  • Incredible story of a Bishop calling his homeland back to God
  • Great gift for those who enjoy reading about our Catholic heroes
In this, the definitive English language biography of the great Lion of Münster, readers will encounter the young von Galen as he learns the Catholic faith and love of the fatherland from his family, members of the German aristocracy. A nobleman, a “prince” of his people and of his Church, the boy grew into a man, a six-and-a-half-foot tall giant of a man, who, though he loved his homeland, loved God, His Church and His law even more; for he knew that calling his homeland back to the ways of God is the one way in which a bishop can best demonstrate that love for the people under his spiritual care.

And so, in three magnificent sermons and countless other speeches, communiques and gestures, the Lion roared. This story of his life and his stirring words provides readers with an indispensable glimpse into the confrontation between Church and State in Hitler’s Germany and will serve as a reminder to all men and women of good will of the duty to call black ‘black’ and white ‘white.’
  • Author: Fr. Daniel Utrecht
  • Pages: 424
  • Format: Hardcover

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The Lion of Münster: The Bishop Who Roared Against The Nazis