The Little Flowers Of St. Francis Of Assisi

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  • Spiritual classic about the life of St. Francis
  • Tales of his early life and the Franciscan brotherhood
  • Most popular account of his life and miracles
  • Written by a Franciscan Friar in the 1300's
  • Special gift of faith for those devoted to St. Francis

This acknowledged classic on the Seraphic Saint is totally devoted to St. Francis and his earliest companions. With its note of cheerful encouragement and its unsurpassed beauty of language, it ranks among the world's literary treasures. The "flowers" in this work are gathered from one field by a number of different hands and find their essential unity in the wonderful harmony of what is taught. Ultimately, the message it offers is both simple and profound: if we are true to Jesus' teachings, we will achieve the heavenly reward for which God created us. In prayerful reflection, savor the wisdom and peace found in the charming stories of the life and times of St. Francis and his closest companions.

  • Author: Rev. Valentine Long 
  • 288 Pages 
  • Leatherette Cover, Ribbon Marker

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