The Saint Gallen Mafia: Exposing the Secret Reformist Group Within the Church

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  • Researched, documented, and supported by evidence
  • Compelling tale of the inner workings at the highest levels of our patriarchy
  • Candid look at a resistance movement within our Magisterium

In the mid-1990s, a clandestine group of high-ranking churchmen began gathering in St. Gallen, Switzerland. Opposed to Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the circle plotted a revolution in stealth.

By 2015, their secret ached to be told. Before an audience, Cardinal Godfried Danneels joked of being a part of a "mafia." But as explosive as Danneels's confession was, a thick cloud of mystery still enshrouds the St. Gallen mafia.

In this compelling book, Julia Meloni pieces together the eerie trail of confessional evidence about the St. Gallen group. Copiously researched and grippingly narrated, The St. Gallen Mafia sheds light on the following:

_ The mysteries of the 2005 conclave, where mafia members grew divided over a plan to back Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio as pope.
_ The war against Benedict XVI by the mafia's Cardinal Achille Silvestrini - and the mysterious "confessions" believed to be linked to him.
_ The enigmatic, complicated relationship between the mafia's Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini and Benedict XVI.
_ The mafia writings that presaged a new Francis - and the 2013 conclave that elected him.
_ Martini's enduring role as an "ante-pope" - a "precursor" for Pope Francis.

  • Author: Julia Meloni
  • Format: Hardcover
  • 168 pages

The Saint Gallen Mafia: Exposing the Secret Reformist Group Within the Church