The Seven Swords

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  • Transformative book about the power of human suffering
  • Based on the pattern and symbolism of the Seven Sorrows
  • Look to Our Lady as a model for your suffering
  • Insightful and moving 
  • Faithful gift for those undergoing trials and suffering

The English Dominican Gerald Vann, author of many beloved works of spirituality, offers in this compact volume a key to bearing the sorrows, tribulations, and trials that enter our lives as we walk our path from birth to death. This key is found in the life, indeed, in the heart, of the Virgin Mary, she who responded with unfailing faith, courage, and compassion to all God asked of her-an unexpected pregnancy; a flight into Egypt; an uneventful life in the backwaters; separation from her son as he began his public mission; watching from afar as he became the center of adulation, controversy, and opposition; standing beneath his bloodstained cross as he gave his life for the salvation of the world. Through it all, Mary's love conquered her fear and turned suffering into spiritual fire. 

Fr. Vann has formulated this work as topics for meditation, whereby in a practical way-through imitation of Mary-we may learn the secret of transformative suffering, according to the pattern of the symbolism of the seven swords that pierced her heart. The reader cannot help but come away from this book with his knowledge of Mary broadened and his love for her deepened. Truly, it will pierce your soul.

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  • Author: Gerald Vann, O.P.
  • 100 Pages
  • Softcover
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The Seven Swords