The Word on Fire Bible (Volume III): The Pentateuch - Leather, Hard Cover or Soft Cover

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  • Bishop Robert Barron's Word on Fire Bible
  • Volume III - the Pentateuch
  • Illuminating artwork, thoughtful commentary
  • Insights from great saints and scholars
  • For Catholics, seekers, and searchers
  • Choose Leather, Hard Cover or Soft Cover (Paperback)

The Word on Fire Bible is a groundbreaking series introducing readers to the strange, colorful world of the Bible. It was designed to appeal not just to Christians, but to nonbelievers, searchers, and those with far more questions than answers.

It doesn’t presume any experience with the Bible; in fact, it was created for people reading the Bible seriously for the first time, who may be unsure of what to make of its many events and characters. It's a cathedral in print, the highest-quality Catholic Bible ever produced for mass distribution. The Word on Fire Bible makes one of the hardest books to read more accessible with features such as:
  • Large font
  • Single-column layout
  • Acclaimed translation
  • Beautiful religious art
  • Excellent commentary
Inside this volume, you’ll find the Pentateuch—Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy—surrounded by illuminating artwork and helpful commentary from Bishop Robert Barron, the Church Fathers, and some of the greatest saints, mystics, artists, and scholars throughout history.

You’ll discover insights from Origen, Teresa of Kolkata, Thomas Merton, Jerome, Hans Urs von Balthasar, Francis de Sales, Teresa of Avila, John of the Cross, and many other teachers in the way of the Spirit.

The translation used in The Word on Fire Bible is the New Revised Standard Version: Catholic Edition (NRSV-CE), which has received wide acclaim from academics and Church leaders.

It stands out because of its accuracy and readability, being as literal as possible yet as free as necessary to make the meaning clear in graceful, understandable English.

It’s a wonderful translation—both for those who have never read the Bible and for those who have studied it for years. Choose Leather Cover, Hard Cover or Soft Cover (Paperback).

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  • Author: Bishop Robert Barron
  • 832 Pages
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Word On Fire

The Word on Fire Bible (Volume III): The Pentateuch - Leather, Hard Cover or Soft Cover